A call to promote a library across rural schools

Rural library

Rural library

PSA gives a call to its well wishers and the general public to provide their possible assistance to setup a Library across rural schools in Tamilnadu. It is an opportunity to give back to society. Children in villages desperately wants books other than their text books to read.  Most of the rural schools have no libraries.

“This initiative will transform the atmosphere in rural schools where students hail from impoverished families, but have great aspirations of growing with life. The inspiring books will also instill in them human values, perspective and critical thinking. Those who read raise so many questions, have distinct values and proactively interact with their parents who have not had the fortune to be exposed to new thoughts and ideas”. Says Mr. John Peter, the secretary of PSA.

All the donors and contributors will be provided with feedback on the execution and impact of this educational Mission.

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