PSA 1,00,000 Trees Growing Mission

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1, 00,000 TREES GROWING MISSION – Details at a Glance

Implementing Organization: People’s Solidarity Association.(PSA)

Legal status of PSA: PSA is a registered society under Tamilnadu Government Society

Registration Act.It’s Registration No is: 49/1980. PSA is authorized to receive Foreign contribution as it has been registered under Government of India, Foreign contribution Regulation Act, vide Registration No: 07604001.

Office address: 141, Gudaloor Road, Mutharasanallur-Post, Tiruchirapalli.


Specific Objective: Facilitate growing of 1, 00,000 trees in 50 villages mainly by women, students
and youth.

Methodology: By an educational campaign, by starting tree nurseries / procuring seedlings, by incentivizing the tree growers with certificates of recognition or mementoes through the self-help
group network. The Educational campaign includes awareness about how growing Trees would improve the village environment, generating food, income, firewood, fodder and much more, while helping wildlife, biodiversity and the global climate as well.

Types of Tree seedlings: The types of Trees promoted in this mission are the following: Fruit bearing Trees, Medicinal Trees, Trees providing nuts and vegetables, Nitrogen binding Trees,
Shade giving Trees ,Trees grown for timber and Trees grown for flowers.( Note: Minimum two year old seedlings will be arranged to ensure best survival rate).

Location of the Tree Growing: 50 villages (25 villages in Pudukottai District. 25 villages in Trichy District). Actual area of plantation would be Home garden, Agriculture land, School/college
campus, local primary health center/hospital campus and Temple or Church or Mosque campus. Selection of Tree Growers: The passionate tree growers in the proposed location from 12 years
of age will be selected. Their willingness, availability of resources such as water, fencing, and manure etc will be assessed.
IncentivizingActivity: a Since volunteer tree growing campaigns are usually lacking in follow up to protect the young Trees, an incentive activity has been planned for growing minimum of 5
trees and maximum of 50 trees. This is to boost their morale and recognize their eco contribution to the mother earth. It will be presented as a reward in a public function.

Implementation Period: Three years. In Year one, selection of tree growers, organizing seedlings and plantation will take place. In Year Two, monitoring, documentation and reporting
will be done. In Year three, incentivizing all the best tree growers and evaluating the entire MISSION will be done.

Launching Date: 2nd October 2022 ( Gandhi Jayanthi Day)

Financial Requirement: Rs.44, 00,000 would be required to meet the expenditure of orientation, seedlings, Transportation, documentation, incentivizing the best tree growers and administration. This amount will be mobilized from philanthropic individuals and institutions.

Sustaining this Mission: Ways are being explored for making this MISSION self – propelling,

Such as :

Motivating the tree growers to plant and nurture more trees, Establishing a TREE FUND, Motivating the tree growers to make voluntary contribution at the end of year three to the TREE
FUND, Attract contribution from Corporates after sharing the success story of this three year MISSION.

Transparency: we have invited volunteers to develop a special APP by which each growing tree can be tracked and monitored.

Expected impact: This MISSION wants to try out a new concept of empowering rural women, youth and students educationally by means of awareness and economically by means of earning
income from agro forestry products. The long term result would be the impact on the climate change.

Contact Person:
JohnPeter A
For People’s Solidarity Association.