Simple steps to plant a sapling

While planting a sapling we always wish that the Plant should grow and prosper. But some times we observe that the young plant is gradually paling, withering and dying. We are worried as to”why” it is all happening. Why the poor plant is not  growing?“ There may be many reasons. Maybe the plant was not protected, or properly looked after. But our own negligence and incorrect method of planting is one of the causes.”

A tree for and every birthday of a child


“We can save many plants if we initially plant them correctly and properly. ”Monsoon is about to start. That is the best time to prepare for the tree planting. Come, we shall plant  the trees the right way from the beginning.

Correct Planting - Site Preparation

Prepare 30cmX 30cm X30cm long, wide and deep pits at a distance of 1 to 11/2  metres. For fruit and shade trees dig  them one meter more deep. Remove the soil and let it lie outside for some time. Remove stones and pebbles. Put 1/3rd manure and the soil back into the pit. An ideal pit is like an ideal home for a plant.

Planting day

Rains are on. Plant will get sufficient  water during the season. Select a rainy or cloudy day for tree planting.
Collect and carry seedlings from the nursery in  polythene bags or in baskets. The roots should be intact in wet soil ball. Rough handling and exposed roots lead to drying of plant. Remove  the polythene bag. Waste no time once sapling are brought to site.
Hold the soil lump carefully. Put the sapling Straight with roots in the pit and plant collars out.
Remember, if plant is kept deep it will dry.
If roots are left exposed, it will not survive.
If the roots bend, the plant will die.
An inclined plant won’t grow upright.
Put the soil back into the pit and press it securely around the root. It will keep the plant straight, erect and the rain water will not stagnate.
Water the sapling, or else it will die.
Protect it with a tree guard if need be and remove weeds as and when they grow. Look at  the plant! How cheerful it looks.
“A  sapling of today is a tree for tomorrow. It is our universal Resource.”